Understanding Pain and Pleasure

By | November 13, 2023

When you relinquish negativity — stress, anxiety, resentment, anger, and so forth — you give up on experiencing pleasure. Pain and pleasure are interlinked mechanisms; they work together. As you transcend negativity, you also overcome your cravings for thrills, rushes of pleasure, and excitement.

Desire keeps you at a lower level of consciousness; it makes you less lucid because desire forces you to seek hits of dopamine when circumstances permit. Such hedonistic habits become primary, making the learning process a painful aversion. You can’t see beyond pleasure — ethics and virtue are challenges for you.

To advance in consciousness, you must relinquish pleasure and pain at the same time. If you succeed, you are free of those awful maladies. Therefore, creativity becomes possible, and mastery results over time. I can’t remember who said that “character is destiny.” He was right.

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