This Is What You Need To Succeed In Life

By | November 5, 2023

A good memory. But before I explain to you what a good memory entails, it is essential to understand that anyone can develop a powerful, sophisticated memory. Having a great memory is not exclusive to talented people or the ones who were born with it. Anyway, let’s get to the point.

Have you wondered what successful people possess? An imaginative memory. From an early age, they were taught about memorization and understanding. They were encouraged to develop their vocabulary to the point of having the capacity to articulate their thoughts fluently. They didn’t consciously think about success — they memorized because they were lucky enough to have someone in their life who told them to develop their memory.

If you want to get by in life, cope effectively with the world, and have a meaningful career, you must build your existential vocabulary. That is, you must memorize and understand as many words as possible. I don’t mean to understand words intrinsically but rather extrinsically, so you can properly explain them to people (with voice).

Look for words online and their definitions. Search those words in multiple dictionaries. Memorize a few words daily and make sure you profoundly grasp their meaning. You can take notes to check their definitions later. By having a practical app like Google Keep, it is easy to store the definitions of those words and check them out later. Why? Because you will forget many words if you don’t engage with them regularly; they won’t become part of your long-term memory.

Why is it fundamental to have a well-developed memory?

  1. You can think clearly without struggling to articulate your thoughts.
  2. You become smarter. With an expansion of memory, a larger intelligence materializes.
  3. You are less overwhelmed by life’s struggles because you feel empowered, and that empowering feeling trumps any negative emotion.
  4. Insights into the nature of things come to you regularly, if not daily — when you take a shower, a brilliant idea will come to you out of nowhere.
  5. Others can’t take advantage of you; their foolish ideas will be neutralized by your intellect.

A great memory is part of a flowery personality. The bigger your memory, the richer your character and personality. People with efficacious memories are attractive and charismatic. And humorous as well! You can easily flirt with the girl you like, without feeling overwhelmed or challenged — you won’t be at a loss for words.

The key to a prosperous and flourishing life is a well-developed memory.

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