Spirituality Is The Only Way Forward

By | December 29, 2023

Spirituality is the only way forward, telling people they must stop fooling around and take life seriously, otherwise they’ll get burned.

Robert Greene has eloquently stated that reality has its power (we can’t bend it or adjust it to our childish needs) and that if we don’t develop skills and eventually mastery, we won’t be able to cope with it — our inability to competently deal with reality will ruin us. We’ll suffer greatly, be in a lot of pain, become resentful and angry, envious, and we’ll lack mental and physical energy.

In a nutshell, we won’t have what it takes to effortlessly navigate the world we live in.

  • You can’t wake up in the morning exhausted.
  • You can’t be addicted to cigarettes, sugar, and refined carbohydrates.
  • You can’t rely on alcohol as an escape from reality.
  • You can’t use lust to release the stressors of daily life.
  • You can’t use vacations to get that calming feeling you crave; that feeling will pass quickly and it doesn’t help.

Such, strategies, methods, or approaches to coping with life’s challenges and difficulties NEVER work.

But you can raise the level of your consciousness or become hyper-aware. That will induce in you a PERMANENT state of mental bliss, and it’ll give you tons of energy — constantly. It’s the only solution that works.


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