Savoring Now: The Key to Skillful and Harmonious Living

By | October 7, 2023

“To live skillfully and harmoniously, you need to find the satisfaction in whatever you are doing in the present moment.” — Eckhart Tolle

Otherwise, everything comes forced. I noticed that when we do things by force, we can’t have satisfaction — it is stressful to push yourself forward when you are not in a state of flow. That creative power comes when you are still or fully concentrated. It comes when you step into a dimension of presence and awareness.

And beyond creativity, we need harmony in our lives. We need to feel great in our bodies. We need impulse control. We want to perceive life as meaningful, so we can wake up feeling motivated about our daily tasks. Without having these factors under control, it is fair to say that life is a living hell. When we attain that inner stillness, everything falls into place — what we thought was difficult to achieve is no longer a challenge but something to look forward to with joy.

What seems ridiculous to the average man is the key to greatness, but unless we have an open mind, we’ll overlook the most important thing — an inner sense of lucidity that is not contaminated by compulsive thoughts or emotionality. In other words, our true nature that we lost in early childhood experience.

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