On A Higher Level Of Consciousness

By | January 25, 2024

What can I do other than be forgiving to the people who are possessed by their egos? They have no idea that they’re not in control of themselves and that their ego is the boss.

That is, they have a false identity that controls them.

If you try to make them aware of the situation, it’ll get worse — they’ll get stubborn and reject your ideas or resist you altogether. No matter how much you try to offer them the truth, the chances are that they’ll deny it.

Is it fair to say that ‘they are denying’ the truth? Isn’t their ego who does that? I could say that their ego rejects truth or whatever method of transcending it threatens it. And since they can not see that, of course, they won’t absorb new information that is in their best interest.

Then the question arises: “What can be done about their awful situation?” Is there a solution that would make them question their ego despite the resistance that their ego creates? Anything that’d work, even if it is an ego method that ‘could’ be false. Or a small lie that would force them to question themselves.

That’s what I’m working on, and maybe one day I will have the ability to understand anyone, offering a solution to “them not questioning their false identity.”

It’s a tricky situation! But solvable nonetheless.

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