If You Are Mediocre…

By | January 21, 2024

If you are mediocre, it is somehow your fault — there’s always space for improvement, but we need to have a burning desire for growth. If nothing works, the fault doesn’t lie out there. The fault lies within.

The world doesn’t have to be an impediment for us or perceived as a hindrance or a burden. On the contrary, the world offers us input for inspiration and stimulus, giving us the green light to choose the path of mastery. The only issue is that illusions govern us. We believe we have the answers. We think we know what life is all about.

We’re so confident about our choices that nothing can shake us into reconsidering that we might be wrong. Our ego doesn’t allow us to be humble and admit we don’t know everything. When a highly developed person tells us the truth, we are offended. Or we start to despise such people for pointing us to the truth.

Is that maturity? Especially when we take offense because we’re too fragile to tolerate a healthy viewpoint? A person who can not stand the truth is a child.

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