A Deep Perspective On Compulsive Thinking

By | December 25, 2023

Compulsive thinking is harmful because it generates stress, so we know the consequences of it — restlessness, uneasiness, and a weaker immune system, plus the inability to be at ease with yourself. Compulsive thinking is terrible for you.

  1. You find yourself worried about what other people think of you. Such worries don’t even have to enter your mind — they are not healthy, so to speak. Discard yourself of concern and anxiety because it is neurotic. In other words, “worry about what others think of you” is a form of mental illness.
  2. Your negative thoughts about others are a reflection of yourself. Although you may not see that, realize that your psyche generates those hostile thoughts that have nothing to do with that person. Ask yourself: “Are they necessary?” The answer is that they have no foundation in reality — they have no connection to the truth.
  3. You can’t be yourself among people. That’s neuroticism on steroids, and it’s made up of false beliefs about yourself and a mentality that “you must please others to get their approval.” The antidote to a false self is [being respectful toward people and having the desire to genuinely help them] when circumstances permit, without expecting anything in return. This approach will allow you to be yourself — unapologetically.

We have so many worries that we must relinquish or abandon. Otherwise — if we’re not doing our homework — life becomes a nightmare, and it can’t be enjoyable. It is a myth that anxiety or compulsive thinking is normal.

Values that matter and come first:

  • The renewing of our minds.
  • Purifying the mind.
  • Cleaning our psyche.
  • A crystal-clear mind, unaffected by compulsive thinking or negative emotions.
  • A lucid mind.
  • Hyper-awareness.

Pick whatever value resonates with you. 🙂

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